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Novel applications & perspectives of existing law

The Courts of Appeals and Special Appeals of Maryland combined to issue 200+ reported opinions in 2020. Some broke new ground that will forever alter the State’s legal landscape. The MSBA Case Notes, the NEWEST, complimentary member benefit, offer summarization, commentary, and unique insights on compelling legal cases.

The goal of the MSBA’s Case Note series is not to summarize and report every appellate decision. Rather, the intent is to provide current content that might be of general interest to the profession, important for a particular practice area, or that might offer a refreshing diversion from one’s own area of concentration.


From the Blog

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February 23,2021

“Battered Spouse” Defense Available Without Finding of Repeated Abuse By Perpetrator

By MSBA Staff
February 16,2021

Construction Lender Has No Duty to Ensure Payment to Subcontractor In Absence of Privity

By MSBA Staff
February 05,2021

Paranoid Tunneling Activity Was “Reckless” Enough to Support Manslaughter But Not “Extreme” Enough for Murder

By MSBA Staff