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Novel applications & perspectives of existing law

The Maryland Courts of Appeals and Court of Special Appeals of Maryland issue hundreds of opinions each year. The scope of the opinions varied: some established new laws for Maryland, while others modified existing laws. Irrespective of their impact, some of the decisions delivered by the courts made for enjoyable reads, due to the way in which they were written or the climate in which they were delivered. This publication offers unique insights on these compelling legal cases.


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June 14,2022

Court of Appeals Declines to Sanction Attorney who Violated Ethics Rule While Relying on Bar Counsel

By Pamela Langham
October 04,2021

Companies Named for Rodney Dangerfield Characters “Get No Respect” from COSA

By MSBA Staff
September 17,2021

Case Note Update: Divided Court of Appeals Nixes Single Parent Consent to De Facto Parenthood

By MSBA Staff