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Maryland Civil Pattern Jury Instructions, Fifth Edition

New 2018 Replacement Pages

Be prepared and provide the best representation for your client by having the most up-to-date version of jury instructions. Don’t go before the Judge with outdated jury instructions that have since been revised or, worse yet, no longer exist! The NEW 2018 Replacement Pages for the Fifth Edition, replace ALL Pages in the Fifth Edition and is Maryland’s most authoritative source of impartial, accurate statements of the law using easy-to-understand language.

The NEW 2018 MPJI-Civil Replacement Pages replace ALL pages in the Fifth Edition and:

    • bring this valuable work up to the minute with brand new and revised instructions, updated commentary, new case law, and statutory references
    • contain a valuable Instructions Table to assist you in determining instructions that are new, have been deleted, or renumbered, and
    • update the Tables of Statutes, Cases.