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Civil Practice & Procedure in the District Court of Maryland 2019 Revised Edition


This new, updated book, published with the input and review of the District Court itself, provides the “nuts and bolts” for handling all aspects of a civil case in District Court. It is a handy, easy-to-follow guide for relatively new, experienced and all who practice in the District Court.

It is a must for civil litigators practicing in the District Court of Maryland

This updated edition includes:

• Jurisdiction — Sets forth District Court jurisdiction over certain types of cases versus the Circuit Court’s jurisdiction

• Guide — Presents a step-by-step guide on handling a civil case in District Court, from the filing of a complaint through judgment and enforcement

• Authorities — Updates statutes, rules and case law on various issues governing civil litigation

• Forms — Includes lists of District Court forms and website addresses every practitioner can access up-to-date forms for use

• ADR/Mediation — Provides updated discussion of District Court process for mediating and resolving actions before the District Court

• Appeals — Outlines the process for appeals of cases from the District Court

• Appendices — Includes District Court Directory, Administrative Regulations, Fee Schedule and List of District Court Forms

• Special Proceedings — Summarizes and outlines procedures inparticular substantive areas that have been updated in recent years, including:

    • Landlord-Tenant
    • Replevin
    • Small Claims
    • Domestic Violence/Protective Orders
    • Forfeiture Proceedings


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