Purpose of MSBA Connect

MSBA Connect was created as one of many MSBA member benefits. The primary purpose of MSBA Connect is to provide a forum for members to share their collective knowledge and experience, and discuss a variety of topics related to the practice of law, including, but not limited to, sharing information on recent decisions, discussing legal issues and questions, requesting referrals, and discussing networking and learning opportunities.

Improve the Discussion

Expressions of opinions or concerns on topics related to the practice of law or the legal profession are beneficial, as long as they are not repetitive, derogatory, antagonistic, political, or inflammatory in nature.

MSBA Connect is most valuable when there are posts from a diverse group of professionals on matters related to the legal profession. As legal professionals, members receive hundreds of messages a day. As such, numerous off topic posts or repetitive posts will not only unnecessarily flood member inboxes or Connect communities, but have the potential to drown out other member posts seeking information or assistance with their particular case or matter. Members are encouraged to be respectful of other members by carefully assessing whether an email or post is appropriate for a particular MSBA Connect community prior to posting.

Your Participation Counts

MSBA Connect is a great resource and is also utilized by the MSBA and its Sections to provide notice of meetings, CLE opportunities, networking events, and other programs that are beneficial to our members. Check in often to make sure you stay up-to-date on the latest offerings from the MSBA.

MSBA Connect Etiquette

MSBA Connect Etiquette.

  • Be civil.
  • Be clear.
  • Avoid posting non-substantive replies or spam.
  • Avoid private discussion in the forums. Rather, utilize the direct messaging feature in MSBA Connect to handle private discussions.

MSBA Connect Rules

Please click here for a complete copy of the MSBA Connect rules. Questions regarding these rules should be directed to feedback@msba.org.

If You See a Problem, Flag It

MSBA Connect is intended to have self-monitoring communities, where all members are encouraged to assist in assuring discussion are civil and professional, and that the rules governing MSBA Connect are honored. Messages/posts that fail to adhere to common standards of professionalism and civility, or are in violation of MSBA Connect rules may be flagged as inappropriate by another member.