Penned by the “best of the best” of Maryland’s construction law practitioners, each chapter of the Maryland Construction Law Deskbook serves as a quick and practical reference tool. Topics discussed include everything from contract formation to performance disputes, remedy granting clauses, statutory remedies, contracting by state and local governments, as well as construction safety issues and bonding. The Deskbook also covers new and developing areas of construction law including “green” construction and non-traditional project delivery systems.

While viewed as an indispensable text that belongs in the legal libraries of every Maryland construction law practitioner, the Deskbook is not a shelf book. Lawyers that toil in the fields of Maryland construction law find a handier place for it—on their desk (or readily available on their computer).

The NEW Third Edition provides a timely discussion of force majeure and relief avenues from disruption issues caused by the pandemic, and adds four NEW chapters to an already comprehensive resource: Licensing, Zoning, Environmental Law, and Technology in Construction.  The Technology chapter, in particular, describes cutting edge technology advances being adopted in the construction industry, and starts the discussion of the legal issues that will arise from these new developments.

The individual chapters from this single resource cover most of the key areas in construction law, from contract formation, to performance disputes, to remedy granting clauses, to construction damages, and finally, to the dispute resolution process. Subjects of particular application include design professionals, contracting by state and local governments, construction safety issues, bonding, mechanic’s liens, and statutory remedies. New and developing fields of construction law, such as “green” construction and non-traditional project delivery systems including design-build contracting and construction management, are explained. In this update, some chapters go beyond being updated; for example, Chapter 3, State and Local Government Contracts, has been expanded substantively to cover the broad body of case decisions at the Maryland State Board of Contract Appeals. 

With these additions and updates, the Deskbook covers a wide range of legal issues facing a construction project from its inception through final close-out and beyond.  The Deskbook is a valuable resource for both seasoned construction practitioners and those facing a construction issue for the first time. Purchase your copy today here.