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MSBA continues to monitor the rapid developments surrounding the impact of COVID-19 on the legal community. During this critical time, MSBA has provided court updates, legal news, practice and wellness resources, virtual learning webinars, and access to a dedicated COVID-19 website, at no cost, to all of Maryland’s 40,000 attorneys. MSBA continues to advocate on behalf of all legal professionals during this time of crisis.

As an exclusive resource for members, MSBA has developed a comprehensive document of orders and updates from various courts and government entities, including:

  • Maryland Judiciary
  • Federal Courts
  • Bankruptcy Court
  • Maryland Governor’s Office and Office of Legal Counsel
  • Other Maryland Entities (Office of Administrative Hearings, Office of Attorney General, Secretary of State, and others)
  • Tax Court
  • Immigration Court and Agencies
  • Veterans’ Affairs
  • D.C. Courts

The spreadsheet below includes links and key takeaways from Orders, Guidance, Advisories, and websites, with the entities above broken out by tabs listed at the bottom of the spreadsheet.

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