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Maryland Criminal Pattern Jury Instructions, Second Edition

New 2018 Replacement Pages

Maryland Criminal Pattern Jury Instructions is an indispensable resource for all members of the bar that handle criminal cases in Maryland.

The Second Edition contains more than 200 jury instructions accompanied by comprehensive comments explaining the appropriate constitutional, statutory, court rule and case authority supporting the instruction.

The instructions are impartial, accurate statements of the law, understandable by the average juror.

The NEW 2018 MPJI-Criminal Replacement Pages replace ALL pages in the Second Edition and:

  • bring the Second Edition fully up to date with current developments in statutory and case law.
  • include 16 revised instructions to reflect legislative changes—including the extensive changes made to rape and sexual offense statutory provisions
  • include 6 brand new instructions—including a new post-verdict advice instruction, and
  • update and expand comments and notes on use.