We are looking forward to our Legal Summit & Annual Meeting, which will offer nearly twice the programming as previous years. For more information or to register for the Legal Summit & Annual Meeting, please click here. In addition to changes that include significantly greater programming, we are hoping the experience will provide something for every segment of the profession.

As the MSBA continues working to make the website a more effective portal for conveying everything about our association, deliver comprehensive programming at the Annual Meeting, review and implement recommendations from the policies review committee and the bylaws committee, implement the modernization efforts, plan for the future driven by thousands of comments from members, and so much more, we are clearly looking forward to the days ahead. We hope you are, too.

Comments about this special edition newsletter can be shared via email to feedback@msba.org.  

If you have questions related to your membership, events or any other topics, please feel free to email membership@msba.org or msba@msba.org.

If at any time you would like to contact the MSBA’s new Executive Director, Victor Velazquez, please feel free to email him at victor@msba.org.


Member Forum

In addition to focus groups, our member survey and emailing us at feedback@msba.org, we want to invite you to a forum with the leadership of the MSBA to discuss any of the content in this newsletter or other questions or concerns.  This open forum for all members is an opportunity to hear from MSBA leaders and get questions answered.

The date is May 15, 2018 at 6:00p.m. and will be held at the MSBA headquarters at 520 West Fayette Street, Baltimore MD.  Please express your interest in attending by emailing theresa@msba.org.