As a Maryland legal professional, the pursuit of knowledge is essential for career and personal growth. The professional landscape is constantly evolving, and keeping up with the latest developments and trends is critical for achievement. The following points will explore and highlight the value of CLE and Professional Development Courses for Maryland law professionals and how they can benefit from upward career mobility and vertical advancement when they actively choose to invest in themselves through continued learning.

Career Growth

In the legal profession, continued learning is vital for staying up-to-date on the latest laws, regulations, and legal practices. This is especially important given the fast-paced nature of the legal industry. With new cases and developments emerging all the time, it is key for legal professionals to stay current in their knowledge and skills. Here are a few benefits:

  • Remain at the forefront of industry trends and technology. By regularly attending CLE workshops or seminars, you’ll get the inside track on the latest legal technology and regulatory information. A thorough understanding of a recent ruling can enrich your own personal knowledge base, while new case management software can help you work more efficiently and save time.
  • Boost your professional legal trajectory. CLE coursework and program certificates in high-demand areas can boost your marketability and increase your value to your current employer when you ask for a raise or promotion. If you’re switching to a new area of law, having extra training will make you more attractive to potential employers.
  • Improve your confidence. The better informed you are as a legal professional, the better you are at your job. Spend more time impressing your clients and colleagues, and that may lead to a promotion in the future, or at least opportunities to take on new challenges.

Personal Growth

Ongoing education can also enrich the lives of legal professionals on a personal level. By expanding and enlightening one’s legal acumen, lawyers, judges, paralegals, law firm administrators, and law students can gain a deeper understanding of the law and the legal system, which can help them become better representatives of the best in Maryland law. In addition, the pursuit of knowledge can provide Maryland attorneys with a sense of confidence, fulfillment, and purpose.

A Path to Higher Learning

Here are some ways Maryland law professionals can continue to evolve and flourish in the legal community and professional advancement:

Continuing Education Courses and Online Learning

The Maryland State Bar Association offers a variety of tools and resources to support the long-term growth of your legal skills and your practice. Resources include:

  • Unlimited free legal research. MSBA members can access Fastcase, a comprehensive innovative database of legal research and legal news, valued at over $1,000 annually.
  • MSBA creates high-quality CLEs via webcast, on-demand, and in-person, spanning all practice sectors. Learn anytime, anywhere, at your pace.
  • Out-of-state attorneys: Meet your MCLE compliance goals through our programs, and receive one free accredited CLE, up to 6.5 credits, when you join or renew online.
  • MSBA’s 60+ publications provide a variety of offerings to support your practice sector, with over a dozen new titles each year to bring you the latest in the law … and so much more!

Professional Associations

The Maryland State Bar Association connects and empowers the legal profession through ongoing support and advocacy. We help members at every stage of their careers and we proudly serve the entire law community across Maryland and beyond. Joining a professional association like the MSBA can provide the legal community with access to educational resources, networking opportunities, and industry events. Associations can also amplify your voice to the legal community through content and communication platforms. Examples of MSBA offerings and communication tools include:

  • MSBA’s award-winning quarterly Bar Journal regularly profiles members and firms.
  • MSBA WNS e-newsletters: a bi-weekly curation of practice-area-specific content from the web for MSBA members.
  • MSBA’s members consistently contribute to the Bar Journal, eWeekly, and our online blogs.
  • MSBA recognizes and celebrates the achievements of legal professionals through our sections, the Maryland Bar Foundation, and third-party organizations.

Maryland State Bar Association’s Annual Legal Summit, held in Ocean City, MD, June 7-9, 2023, is a perfect opportunity to take advantage of all the aspects and benefits of attending a professional development conference. Your Annual Meeting conference registration gives you immediate access to CLE opportunities – immediately elevating your legal career and educational scope. Legal Summit attendees will gain exposure and insight into nationwide, state, and local industry trends with access to over 70+ thought leadership and educational programs, including nationally recognized keynote speakers and distinguished leaders in the legal profession.

Continued learning and professional development are essential for legal professionals who want to remain at the forefront of their field and expand their professional and personal horizons. By pursuing opportunities for advanced education, Maryland attorneys and judges can become more proficient in their areas of expertise, advance their careers, and find greater fulfillment in their work. All of these opportunities can be found at MSBA’s Legal Summit in Ocean City, MD, June 7-9. Register to attend today – You Belong at Legal Summit.

*This article was originally published in The Daily RecordUsed with permission.