There was an error with your login attempt.

(Error Code: 1A)

Here’s what you can do next:


Option A:

For security reasons, our system requires that you access this website using the same browser that initiated your login request. For instance, if you were using the certain browser (Chrome) when you requested your login link, and a different browser (Internet Explorer) opened when you clicked the link from your email, the login will not work.

Here’s what to do next:

1. Request to login from the browser you wish to use.
2. When you get the login email, do not click the button. Rather, “right click” on the button to copy the URL.
3. Paste that URL back in your preferred browser – the same browser that you used to request the login link in step one.


Option B:

It may be the case that you were already logged in to this website, perhaps using a different email address. If that’s the case, return to and be sure to logout before attempting to login with a different email address.


We understand that if you’re seeing this error, the process described above can seem like a frustrating requirement. However, our system works this way for your security and to mitigate the various ways that someone could access your account.

You will not have to do this process every time you login! Just once every 30 days for every browser/device that you use to access the MSBA member platform. For more information about our website security and what makes password-free login more secure, please visit

If you have any questions, please contact our member service center, or use the live-chat feature on this page.