Your start-to-finish program for attorneys wanting to practice estates and trusts law in Maryland.


If you want to expand your knowledge and practice of estate planning and administration in Maryland, the Maryland State Bar Association (MSBA) has the exclusive learning path for you! Some of Maryland’s most experienced estate planning attorneys write our landmark publications such as Will Drafting in Maryland, Using and Drafting Trusts, and of course, Gibber on Estate Administration in Maryland. These expert authors also teach our courses to provide you with a more thorough understanding of the law, theories, and principles that apply to this area of practice. Completing this curriculum, offered only by the MSBA, will arm you with the foundation and lasting resources to begin building an estate planning practice in Maryland. 

This curriculum offers the courses and publications in one package, that would cost hundreds more to purchase separately. You will have publications to refer to over and over, and have access to the on-demand videos for a period of a year from purchase so you can continue to go back to them once you’ve completed the course. 

What’s Included On-Demand:

Electronic Publications Included:


 Grow your understanding of all dimensions of estates and trusts law with this comprehensive curriculum.