By Victor Velazquez

MSBA’s Sections are the lifeblood of our organization. Sections are driving value to our members by providing educational programs, networking opportunities, and other member events. With the help of our Section Value Task Force, and under the leadership of MSBA President Judge Keith R. Truffer, our MSBA Sections are working harder than ever to deliver more value, by developing and curating content for the MSBA website.

MSBA Criminal Law & Practice Section Council

MSBA Sections also provide members with their first look into the MSBA. They provide leadership opportunities, act as resources through MSBA Email Discussion Lists, and are the lookout posts for particular areas of law by staying abreast of new developments.

MSBA Family & Juvenile Law Section Council

As many of you know, I spent the first 18 months of my time criss-crossing the state to speak with individual attorneys and members. This year, I am spending some of my time with our Section Councils. Over the past few months, I have attended several of our Section Council meetings, including Criminal Law & Practice, Family & Juvenile Law, and Real Property, and others. Although these Sections focus on different practice areas, their goals are similar, in that they want to produce more value for their members. Through these meetings, the MSBA and Section leaders are working together to enhance member experience, provide greater value through content, and position the MSBA for the future.

MSBA Real Property Section Council

Together… we are the MSBA.