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Finality of Judgments and Other Appellate Trigger Issues, 3rd Edition

By The Honorable Kevin F. Arthur,
Judge, Court of Special Appeals of Maryland

This is the authoritative reference for Maryland attorneys on “when” an order is appealable. Judge Arthur provides essential updated information and advice relating to the timing of appeals. The timely filing of an appeal is critical. Failure to comply with the rules can cause parties delay and expense and, most important, the loss of the right to appeal altogether. To avoid such grave consequences to clients, practitioners need to know and apply the rules correctly.

Updates for the 3rd edition include:

  • Analysis of latest rulings from the Court of Appeals and Court of Special Appeals of Maryland
  • Discussion of Appeals from Interlocutory Orders, e.g., in Contempt or Child Custody Proceedings
  • Guide to Determining Whether an Order is Final and Appealable, or an Appeal is Premature
  • Updated and Expanded Comments and Notes on Use