An Essential Guide for
All Maryland Practitioners and Judges

Available April 2018:

Pleading Causes of Action in Maryland

By Paul Mark Sandler and James K. Archibald
Pleading Causes of Action in Maryland, Sixth Edition is the starting point for drafting and analyzing virtually all pleadings in Maryland. Sandler and Archibald’s practical organization of each chapter and section with a sample pleading immediately followed by their authoritative commentary of the elements of the claim and the issues to be considered, make this an exceptionally easy-to-use practitioner’s and judge’s tool. The authors’ analysis and advice help the reader develop an acute awareness of the strengths and weaknesses of a case, making this an invaluable reference manual for all Maryland lawyers.

Updates for the 6th edition include:

  • Additional and revised sample complaints, including updated forms used in the District Courts of Maryland
  • Updated chart of statutory provisions that provide for the award of attorneys’ fees
  • Discussions of recent developments in the fundamental concepts and mechanics of causes of action
  • Hundreds of new cases on causes of actions relating to
    • Contracts
    • Torts
    • Wills, estates and guardianships
    • Real property
    • Injunction, mandamus and declaratory judgments
    • Divorce, custody, support, visitation, protective orders and adoption
    • Consumer protection
    • Workers’ compensation
    • Discrimination under state and local laws