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The Cybersecurity and Privacy Law Task Force of the Maryland State Bar Association addresses matters affecting how lawyers protect their practices and their clients’ confidential information and intellectual property during a cyberattack.

In carrying out its responsibilities, the Task Force:

  1. facilitates collaboration and information exchanges among constituent MSBA entities and with relevant public agencies and private organizations;
  2. serves as a clearinghouse among MSBA entities regarding relevant activities, policy proposals, advocacy, publications and resources;
  3. studies and analyzes executive and legislative branch cybersecurity and privacy proposals;
  4. identifies cybersecurity or privacy issues for appropriate action by the MSBA, including filling gaps in policy, encouraging MSBA entities to develop new policy as appropriate, and sharing best practices with members and their law firms;
  5. advises and assists the MSBA advocacy team on cybersecurity or privacy advocacy and responses to government action;
  6. educates members of the bar on the various ethical issues and dilemmas that arise in the cybersecurity or privacy arenas;
  7. educates members of the bar and the public on cybersecurity risks, how to protect data, and how to respond and be resilient; and
  8. educates members of the bar about developments in privacy laws and regulations.

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Angela Munro

Sections and Committees Administrator
410-685-7878 x3016