Q1: How do I login to the MSBA website?

After clicking the login button in the upper right, an overlay screen will appear where you can enter the email address associated with your account. After entering your email address, do not close the overlay. Open you email and locate the email from info@msba.org containing the one-time use, 6-digit code. Return to the MSBA website, enter the code, and the login process is complete.

You will remain logged into MSBA.org on that device/browser for up to 30 days.

Q2: Why does the MSBA utilize this verification process?

The MSBA website was designed with a number of security features to protect member data, including the two-step verification process outlined in response to Q1, as personal data stored on the MSBA website could be utilized on other websites, such as financial institutions, associated with a member. Many non-financial websites (i.e. LinkedIn, Macy’s, MyFitnessPal) were recently mined for user data and passwords for use on other sites and as such a growing number of businesses and organizations are utilizing the two-step authentication process to protect user data.

Q3: Do I need to complete the verification process every time I visit the website?

The website is designed to recognize a member’s computer/browser for up to 30 days after they have completed the initial login process outlined in Q1. In order for this feature to work, please make sure that your browser is set to allow/enable cookies from MSBA.org. As is the case with all websites, if cookies are disabled, the website is unable to recognize the computer/browser and/or the user’s login history. If cookies are disabled, you will need to complete the verification process each time you visit the MSBA website.

If you login from a different computer and/or browser, you will need to complete the verification process outlined in Q1.

Q4: What if I do not receive the code or encountered an error when using the verification code?

First, check whether the email from info@msba.org appears in your spam or junk mail folder. If so, you can take steps to mark the email address as safe, so it does not happen in the future. Second, check any folders that you have created that automatically filter MSBA emails into that folder. If the email is not in any of these folders and has not been received within 10 minutes, please contact us at team@msba.org or via the chat button in the bottom right side of the MSBA website for further troubleshooting.

Q5: How do I renew online?

For existing members, once logged in, please click the RENEW button in the upper right corner of the website, which will take you directly to your dues renewal order. Once you have renewed, the RENEW button will be replaced with a banner stating that your membership is active through 6/30/19.

Q6: Where can I view my current membership status?

Once your renewal has been processed either online or by manual entry if you provided a check payment, your membership status will be displayed in the upper right hand corner of the website, and indicate that your membership is active through 6/30/19.

Q7: How can I update my member profile?

After logging in click your name in the upper right hand corner, and then the Account Settings link. This will take you to the sections that will all you to update your firm/organization name, address, telephone number, practice areas, etc. If you would like to update your primary email address (i.e. username) associated with the website please contact the MSBA membership team either through the chat functionality located in the bottom right corner of the website or by sending an email to team@msba.org.

Q8: How do I access Fastcase?

After logging in, you can access Fastcase through the link located within the top black bar of every MSBA page. Clicking the Fastcase link will open your fastcase profile in a new page/tab.

If you would like a direct link to Fastcase, which allows you to bypass logging into the MSBA website, please contact the MSBA membership team either through the chat functionality located in the bottom right corner of the website or by sending an email to team@msba.org.

Q9: How do I sync my Fastcase profile with the new fastcase app?

This functionality is handled by Fastcase. Please visit the website located below for instructions on linking your desktop version with the app version. There is also contact information for Fastcase customer service if you experience any difficulties.

Fastcase Mobile Sync