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Featuring the official podcast of the MSBA, “Insightful Voices,” covering a variety of topics affecting the legal profession and engaging conversations with thought leaders.

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MSBA invites other broadcasters to join us at On-Air Legal Lab. Listen to the latest episodes from our current partners:




Everyday Law



In House Warrior



The Law Entrepreneur

Everyday Law Podcast: Join Attorney Robert V. Clark as he talks about the law with an eye toward practical applications useful to HCC students, employees, and everyone else. Covering topics ranging from landlord tenant matters, traffic stops, debts and bankruptcy, injury cases, jury duty, DUI’s, marijuana law, gender and sexual orientation discrimination (Including Title 9) and everything else in between.


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In-House Warrior Podcast: Corporate Counsel Business Journal’s daily podcast, is hosted by Richard Levick, chairman of LEVICK, a global crisis and litigation communications firm. Each episode explores leadership, strategic insights, and expert analysis with high profile guests in the field of crisis and litigation communication.


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The Law Entrepreneur Podcast: What They Didn’t Teach Us About Running a Business in Law School. The Law Entrepreneur, hosted by Neil Tyra, Esq., is where the law meets entrepreneurship, focusing primarily the business of owning your own law firm with an emphasis on starting your own practice. Hear from successful solo practitioners and successful entrepreneurs about creating a successful business in the internet era.


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Maryland Risk Management Education



Cyber Law Revolution

Maryland Risk Management Education Podcast: Welcome to the Maryland Risk Management Education Podcast. Paul Goeringer, a faculty member of the University of Maryland’s Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics, will serve as your host. With this podcast, Paul will interview those involved in agricultural law or agricultural economics and discuss current issues.


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Cyber Law Revolution: The cyber war is upon us. Host Spencer Pollock provides essential insight on how to keep your business from going bankrupt after a data breach, the legal obligations associated with cyber law, and all things in between!


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