Frequently Asked Questions

MSBA Maryland Lawyers’ Manual

Why is the MSBA website asking me to login with a code when I try to access the Digital Manual?

After clicking the login button, you’ll be prompted to enter the email address associated with your account. After entering your email address, do not exit out of the screen. Instead, open your email inbox in another window or tab and locate the message from containing the one-time use, 6-digit code. Return to the MSBA website, enter the code, and the login process is complete.

You will remain logged into on that device/browser for up to 30 days.


Why does the MSBA utilize this verification process?

The MSBA website was designed with a number of security features to protect member data, including the two-step verification process outlined above. Many non-financial websites (e.g. LinkedIn, Macy’s, MyFitnessPal) were recently mined for user data and passwords for use on other sites, and as such, a growing number of businesses and organizations are utilizing the two-step authentication process to protect user data.


Do I need to complete the website verification process every time I visit the website?

The website is designed to recognize a member’s computer/browser for up to 30 days after they have logged in. In order for this feature to work, please make sure that your browser is set to allow/enable cookies from We suggest you bookmark the Digital Maryland Lawyers’ Manual webpage. Then you can access the Digital Manual directly for up to 30 days, without a verification process, as long as you enable cookies from

 If cookies are disabled, the website is unable to recognize the computer/browser and/or the user’s login history. If cookies are disabled, you will need to complete the verification process each time you visit the MSBA website. If you login from a different computer and/or browser, you will need to complete the verification process outlined above.


What if I do not receive the code or encountered an error when using the verification code?

First, check whether the email from appears in your spam or junk mail folder.  If so, you can take steps to mark the email address as safe, so it does not happen in the future.  Second, check any folders that you have created that automatically filter MSBA emails into that folder.  If the email is not in any of these folders and has not been received within 10 minutes, please contact us at or via the chat button in the bottom right side of the MSBA website for further troubleshooting.


Do I need to use a specific Web browser?

If you are using Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge, we suggest switching to a different browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.


Does my MSBA membership include access to the Maryland Lawyers’ Manual?

Yes, your MSBA membership gives you full access to the 900+ page, Digital Maryland Lawyers’ Manual. Click here to access the Digital Manual.


How do I navigate the Digital Lawyers’ Manual?

Click here. You can now view the 900+ page comprehensive directory directly through the webpage.

Click on the i button located at the top right area of the page for details on how to use the digital platform. You’ll see a variety of tips, including view options, navigation buttons, edition options, page browsing options, and a link to a main menu.

  • You can select “Bookmarks” from the upper right corner of the page (or by clicking into the Main Menu at the far right of the page) to save frequently used pages from the Manual for easy reference.
  • Scroll through the pages using the left and right arrows at the edges or the top of your screen, or enter a page number at the top of your screen. You can zoom in using the + and – toolbar at the top left of your screen.



Can I search the Digital Lawyers’ Manual?

Yes, you can perform a keyword search by clicking on the magnifying glass icon in the upper right corner of the page, entering your search term, and selecting “Current Edition.” If you click on an entry that appears from the search, you’ll go right to that page and see your search term highlighted in yellow.


Can I print pages from the Digital Lawyers’ Manual?

Yes, you can print pages from the Manual by clicking on the printer icon in the upper right corner of the screen, clicking on the page(s) you wish to print (you’ll see a blue checkmark appear), then select “Print.”


Can I download a copy of the Digital Lawyers’ Manual?

Yes, you can quickly download a copy of the Digital Lawyers’ Manual into a single PDF for ease of reference by clicking the  arrow in the upper right corner of the screen. Click “Select All” then “Download.” You’ll see a screen with a wheel that shows “Scheduling PDFs” and then a window will appear that says “Your PDF is being prepared, please wait.

The download may take a few minutes to process. Leave the browser window open until you see a screen that says “Your PDF is ready.”

Click on the link to access the digital download. Note that if you download the Manual, you may want to download the Manual again periodically to view any updated changes to the Digital Manual throughout the year.


Does the Digital Lawyers’ Manual offer any additional benefits compared to the printed Manual?

Yes, the Digital Lawyers’ Manual provides significant additional benefits to the printed Manual, including the following:

  1. The Digital Manual is easily searchable (described above) using a keyword search.
  2. The Digital Manual can be bookmarked for ease of reference.
  3. The Digital Manual will be updated  throughout the year.
  4. Users can easily print selected pages from the Digital Manual that they frequently use for easy reference


Can I obtain a printed copy of the Lawyers’ Manual?

Yes, printed copies of the Lawyers’ Manual are available for purchase here ($39 per Manual + tax/shipping) through our website or by emailing


Why do I need to pay for a printed copy of the Lawyers’ Manual this year?

In prior years, we have printed and mailed a copy of the Lawyers’ Manual  to our members at significant expense. We were able to provide this benefit due to funding from the Client Protection Fund that covered the bulk of these costs. However, beginning in the 2018-2019 Bar year, the Client Protection Fund elected to no longer provide funding for publishing of the Lawyers’ Manual.

By producing a Digital Version of the Lawyers’ Manual, we can include comprehensive county and CPF data, more frequent updates, searchability, and the ability to bookmark or print frequently used pages.

The Digital Lawyers’ Manual is available to all members immediately as part of your membership, and provides a comprehensive 900+ page legal resource directory at your fingertips with the click of a mouse.

The MSBA continues to focus on providing members with up-to-date robust resources that enhance member experiences, all while having one of the lowest bar dues in the country.