The Everett J. Waring / Juanita Jackson Mitchell Law Society of Howard County, Maryland
P.O. Box 1638
Ellicott City, Maryland 21041-1638



During the summer of 1984, Attorneys Jo M. Glasco and James E. Henson, Sr., dedicated their efforts to get the African-American attorneys living or working in Howard County together to form a local bar society in Howard County. Both were active members of the Howard County Bar Association and the Monumental City Bar in Baltimore City. In addition to their participation in the local bar associations, they felt there was a need facilitate networking opportunities among African-American and minority attorneys in Howard County. They also thought it would be helpful to increase professional development opportunities sponsored by other bar associations and to address the unique concerns of the Howard County African-American lawyers and community.

Twenty-seven attorneys responded to the call and attended the first meeting at the home of Jim Henson in Columbia on September 15, 1984. On April 23, 1985, the state of Maryland chartered the Everett J. Waring / Juanita Jackson Mitchell Law Society of Howard County, Inc. At that time there were thirty-three charter members.

The group chose to name the law society after two outstanding African-American attorneys of historical significance in Maryland and nationally — Everett J. Waring, and Juanita Jackson Mitchell. The group immediately became affiliated with the Maryland State Bar Association as a Specialty Bar and with the National Bar Association as an affiliate member.

The Everett J. Waring / Juanita Jackson Mitchell Law Society of Howard County involves itself in professional and public service activities. It recognizes the outstanding public service that our judges, lawyers, and elected and community leaders give to the Howard County community. We have sponsored political forums, participated in public school mentoring projects, performed pro-bono legal services, conducted voter registration drives, and interviewed and made recommendations to the Judicial Nominating Commission concerning hopeful judicial applicants. Our members contribute throughout the Howard County community, and in the surrounding metropolitan area, serving in responsible capacities on government and community boards.