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October 12, 2023 PBJ(c): A Powerful New Tool To Protect Non Citizens Charged With Crimes

Topic: PBJ

Gabriela Kahrl, Esq.
Associate Director of the Chacón Center for Immigrant Justice
Stephanie Wolf, Esq.
Director, OPD Immigration Division


  1. MSBA PBJc CLE Presentation
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  3. PBJc Colloquy
  4. PBJc Sample Agreement

Criminal practitioners, help track the efficacy and implementation of the PBJ(c) Maryland now has a Probation Before Judgment disposition that can give noncitizens the same possibility of probation as citizens, to avoid having one mistake derail their whole lives. The new law creating the new PBJ(c) procedure went into effect on October 1st and is already protecting people from unintended deportation. The University of Maryland is conducting a survey of anyone who requests a PBJ(c) procedure, to make sure it is being applied equitably across the state.  Please help us by filling out the survey any time you requested a PBJc, whether it was granted or not!

The Golden Jubilee of the Honorable Charles E. Moylan, Jr.

Watch the presentation from May 3, 2021.

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Maryland’s Sentencing Guidelines 101: Everything You Need to Know About the Guidelines and Recent Updates

Originally presented 2/25/21.


DeWolfe Receives 2019 Heeney Award

Event Recap Photos

The MSBA Criminal Law & Practice Section presented its 2019 Heeney Award to Maryland Public Defender Paul DeWolfe on May 15 at the Office of the Public Defender Training Center in Linthicum Heights.

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Previous recipients of the Robert C. Heeney Award

2020 Andrew D. Levy, Esquire
2019 Paul B. DeWolfe, Esquire
2018 Hon. Lynne A. Battaglia
2017 Hon. Barry G. Williams
2016 Michael Millemann, Esquire
2015 Paul F. Kemp, Esquire
2014 Hon. Gary E. Bair
2013 Hon. George M. Lipman
2012 Professor Byron L. Warnken
2011 Michelle M. Nethercott, Esquire
2010 Delegate Joseph F. Vallario, Jr.
2009 Robert C. Bonsib, Esquire
2008 Hon. Mary Ellen Barbera
2007 Hon. Charles G. Bernstein
2006 William C. Brennan, Jr., Esquire
2005 Hon. Walter M. Baker
2004 Hon. Howard S. Chasanow, Jr.
2003 Attorney General J. Joseph Curran, Jr.
2002 Hon. J. Frederick Motz
2001 Hon. Anselm Sodaro
2000 Judith R. Catterton, Esquire
1999 Professor David E. Aaronson
1998 Hon. Elsbeth Levy Bothe
1997 Fred Warren Bennett, Esquire
1996 Victor L. Crawford, Esquire (posthumously)
1995 Hon. Robert C. Murphy
1994 Hon. Milton B. Allen
1993 Hon. Irma S. Raker
1992 Alan J. Goldstein, Esquire (posthumously)
1991 Hon. Richard P. Gilbert
1990 Hon. Joseph F. Murphy
1989 Hon. Charles E. Moylan, Jr.
1988 Hon. Andrew Sonner
1987 Hon. Stephen H. Sachs
1986 Hon. John F. McAuliffe
1985 Joseph A. DePaul, Esquire
1984 Hon. Joseph E. Owens
1983 Alan H. Murrell, Esquire
1982 Barney T. Welsh, Esquire