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Choose a Program that is Right for You:


Lunch Program: A one time, one hour program in a small group setting with an experienced trusts and estates practitioner that allows for an environment to ask questions such as, “how do I get to know other practitioners?” and “what resources do you find useful to help in this practice? Click here to see the lunch dates. If no lunch group session is listed when you check, please check back soon.

One-on-One Mentorship: This program provides a practitioner new to the estate & trust field with their very own mentor for a one year period. A more detailed description of the program can be found HERE.

Bar Genius: This program allows a mentee to have an email exchange or call with an experienced practitioner who is willing to address questions on an estate and trust related topic for which the mentor has signed up. This mentorship contact is intended to be an informal exchange between the mentor and mentee. A more detailed description of the program can be found here. Click here to download the list of topics and mentors then call or email the applicable mentor directly.

Trust Troops: A Trust Troop is an informal group facilitating peer mentoring, networking, and discussions of topics of general professional interest, meeting regularly to build relationships and form bonds over time; it serves as a sounding board and resource throughout its members’ careers, as they encourage, promote, and sponsor each other in the industry, amplify each other’s voices, and celebrate each other’s successes.