The Beverly A. Groner Family Law Award was created to provide a vehicle for highlighting the importance of family law to our community, and to celebrate those who improve family law practice in our state. It is named in honor of the late Beverly Ann Groner, the Maryland family law practitioner whose long, distinguished career featured chairing the state commission that researched and drafted the present Marital Property Act and Alimony law.

Eligibility Requirements
To be eligible for the Award, a nominee must be an attorney, judge or magistrate:

  1. A member in good standing of the Maryland Bar
  2. In the State of Maryland
  3. Having made a substantial contribution to the area of family law
  4. Cannot be a current voting member of the Family and Juvenile Law Section Council (FJLSC)
  5. May be nominated by a FJLSC voting member

Award Criteria
Annually, the FJLSC will solicit and consider nominations for, and may grant the Award to, a qualified attorney, judge or magistrate. The following criteria may be considered, among others, in determining the recipient of the Award:

  1. Nominee’s number of years in practice (as an attorney, judge, magistrate and/or legislator)
  2. Nominee’s focus of practice, ordinarily family law
  3. Nominee’s participation in local, Maryland State, and national family law associations
  4. Nominee’s involvement in the community as it affects and/or promotes the practice of family law
  5. Nominee’s contributions to the advancement of family law issues on state and/or national levels

Recipients of The Beverly Groner Family Law Award

2023 The Honorable Monise Brown
2022 James D. Milko, Esquire
2021 Cheryl L. Hepfer, Esquire
2020 Thomas C. Ries, Esquire
2019 Mary R. Sanders, Esquire
2018 The Honorable Patrick L. Woodward
2017 The Honorable William O. Carr
2016 Christopher W. Nicholson, Esquire
2015 The Honorable Cynthia Callahan
2014 Leslie Billman, Esquire
2013 The Honorable Louise G. Scrivener
2012 The Honorable Diane O. Leasure
2011 Keith N. Schiszik, Esquire
2010 Delegate Kathleen M. Dumais
2009 Sheila K. Sachs, Esquire
2008 The Honorable Theresa A. Nolan
2007 Roger A. Perkins, Esquire
2006 The Honorable Ann Sundt
2005 The Honorable Julia Weatherly
2004 Senator Sharon Grosfeld
2003 The Honorable John F. Fader II
2002 Honorable Kathleen O’Ferrall Friedman

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