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Robert Frank

Phillip Cronan

Eleni vanRoden

Kimberly Kline

Lisa Hesse
Immediate Past-Chair

Raphael Santini
BOG Liaison

Jillian Kindland
1st Circuit

Michael Jacobs
2nd Circuit

Andrew Hartman
3rd Circuit

Johnine Clark
4th Circuit

Gregory Kline
5th Circuit

LaSheena Williams
6th Circuit

Angel Murphy
7th Circuit

Anne Deady
8th Circuit

Thomas Valkenet
Technology Member-at-Large

David Arnold
YLS Member

Hon. Erik Nyce
Judicial Member

David Grover

Susan Land

James Liang


David Hjortsberg Award

Honoring the best in our profession

The purpose of the Hjortsberg Award is to acknowledge, commend, and express appreciation for solo and small firm practitioners who raise the bar of professionalism, civility, intelligence, respect, and community commitment for all.

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