To be a member in the YLS, you must:

  • be a member of the MSBA;
  • be a lawyer;
  • be either under the age of 38 or be a member of the Bar for less than 5 years; and
  • except for the first year that you are eligible, pay dues of $10 per year (Law Students may join this section at no cost).

Section Council

Section Council is composed of the officers of the section and an at-large member, which make up the Executive Committee, three Board of Governors, representatives from each Circuit, and chairs of all the standing committees. The committee chairs are appointed annually by the Executive Committee and the circuit representatives are nominated by their local bar. The Officers are elected at the Annual meeting in June.

Each Circuit has representation on the Section Council. Circuit Representatives report on the young lawyer activities in their Circuit and notify the Section Council of issues of concern for young lawyers in those Circuits.

Section Council Appointment Procedure

The Executive Committee and Governors (but for the Member-at-Large, who is appointed by the Chair) are selected during a nominations process and chosen for approval by the Nominating Committee. Notice is made for these positions in the Bar Bulletin and Advocate and the deadline for applications shall be made public through these announcements. Any member of the Section who qualifies as a member may submit his or her application to the Nominating Committee. An interview is required fro each position and, following this process, the Nominating Committee shall present the list to the general membership. If, at that time, any member wishes to petition against the Slate, they may do so under the Bylaws. Where no contest is made over the Slate, the Slate shall be confirmed. The ABA Delegate is also selected by the Chair.