In recent months, the MSBA began transitioning a number of Sections from the 20+ year old “listserv” platform to a more modern platform that provides features members have requested including the ability to share attachments, customize the topics you want to follow and authors you wish to hear from (or not at all), and much more.  We began the transition to Connect several months ago as the current system is no longer supported technology. 


On September 28, 2020, we will be finalizing the process and closing down the Lyris (“listserv”) platform altogether.  All Section communications will continue through the new Connect platform.  Hundreds of attorneys have been actively posting questions and comments and thousands of attorneys have benefitted from seeing those posts (if they choose to see each post – more on that below).


Bottom Line: You can continue to use the new system exactly as you used the old system (i.e. posting and receiving posts through email).  However, it can function with greater sophistication that you control.  


We hope these six MSBA Connect transition highlights are helpful – any questions, we’re a chat or email away at


  1. The new system will be fully effective on September 28, 2020: Based on member feedback, we have set the default so that you will receive all posts via email except your own. You can change your default settings after September 28, 2020 by clicking on “Connect Preferences” below your name in the upper-right corner of the Connect page (  
  2. You are automatically part of Connect – there is nothing you need to do.  You do not need to sign up for MSBA Connect or test your email address, as you have automatically been transitioned to MSBA Connect with the email connected to your MSBA account. There is no need to send a “test” email or message to your MSBA Connect Community. It will function similar to the current system where you will receive emails of postings.
  3. Filtering emails is an important part of YOUR experience: Click here for instructions on how to filter your Connect email messages if you don’t want your main email folder ‘cluttered’ with emails from postings by other attorneys.  If you want to see everything posted, there’s nothing further to do.
  4. Email address: The email linked to your MSBA membership is your access and it’s the only one you can use. If you would like to change your MSBA membership email address or have any questions at all, please contact our member services team today at or at 410-685-7878.
  5. Posting a message/question – the basics: To start a topic on the new MSBA Connect system, you can post via email the same way you do via Lyris; all you need to do is change the recipient email address to the unique address listed below for each community. When you reply to a message via email, those replies will be received by all members of that Connect community (not an individual user). You may also log into the platform at to start a topic and customize your notification settings. As a reminder, members should include their name and contact information, including email address, in their signature blocks when sending messages to MSBA Connect so that members can view your email address.
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    Young Lawyers

6. For a complete set of FAQs: FAQs and tutorials are outlined below and available here. We also ask that you review our Guiding Principles for Connect Conduct here.

As with any new platform there is likely to be a learning or adjustment curve.  Numerous Sections have migrated successfully and we hope you will enjoy the new functionality over time. We look forward to connecting with you.