Each year, the MSBA Board of Governors meets monthly to discuss issues affecting the profession, administrative matters of the association, and much more. Meetings are held at MSBA headquarters and throughout the state to account for Board members being located throughout the state.

Each May, the MSBA holds a larger than typical Board meeting in which both the outgoing Board and incoming Board members jointly participate. Due to the size of the meeting and extended networking and formal meeting items, and to express appreciation for the year and many hours of service performed and to be performed, it is held at a location that can accommodate a sizeable group. This year, the meeting will be held in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

Why hold meetings out of state?

The primary criteria for meeting location selection is cost. Maryland properties are highly desirable and, thus, costly to the MSBA. In keeping with its fiscal conservatism, crossing the border into neighboring Pennsylvania is done to defray costs of this annual Board member event. The agenda for the May 2018 meeting is under development and will be posted here.

During the April Board of Governors meeting, it was decided that a “policy review” committee would be established to review practices of the Board and MSBA as they relate to governance. Key questions to be addressed by this committee include, but are not limited to:

  • Policies on meeting locations
  • Policies on general information dissemination and other governance transparency matters
  • Governance structure considerations

The MSBA recently underwent a review of its existing bylaws and is proposing a series of changes which will be shared with the membership in accordance with the existing bylaws. These changes are intended to be a first step in addressing the modernization of the association in its practices and activities. Additional questions and answers on governance can be found here. Comments around governance can be shared via completion of this survey, or via email to feedback@msba.org.