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Proposing a Sustainable Association Healthcare Plan for MSBA Members in Maryland


MSBA has partnered with Association Member Benefits Advisor (AMBA) to evaluate a rollout of an Association Healthcare Plan (AHP) that could provide affordable quality healthcare benefits to MSBA members. This would help smaller employers gain coverage that are typically only available to large employers while improving the overall professional lives of attorneys and legal professionals in Maryland.






We need your help to make this plan a reality. View FAQs to learn more about this potential benefit for members.


Watch MSBA's webinar discussing AHP

Watch this informational webinar hosted through MSBA (originally recorded 2/9/23) to hear about the possibility of this valuable benefit.  



Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is an Association Healthcare Plan?

Association Health Plans (AHPs) are group health plans that associations sponsor to provide health coverage to their members’ employees. AHPs allow for smaller employers to band together to purchase coverages that are typically only available to large employers, resulting in a more competitive offering with coverage options that are tailored to the needs of the member.


  • Why is MSBA exploring this opportunity?
    • High demand from MSBA membership
    • Provide access to competitive prices
    • Expand the value of services to MSBA members


  • Why should I complete the data collection for the MSBA’s AHP offering?

The higher the response rate we are able to achieve, the better data we have to negotiate with insurance carriers to provide a competitive rate. Your data will help us evaluate the creation of a sustainable plan that offers:

    • Competitive premiums
    • Strong access for MSBA members
    • Benefit offers that are typically available through Fortune 100 companies


  • Why do AMBA and MSBA require my demographic information for the Association Healthcare Plan survey? Will my personal information be shared or sold with third parties?

    We partnered with AMBA to assist with the development of an Association Level Health Care plan, only. AMBA is not engaged for the purpose of selling individual plans. For MSBA to obtain an accurate understanding of the needs of our members, we must aggregate certain demographic information from individuals eligible to participate in such a plan. The purpose of this survey is to collect critical data so it can be aggregated by AMBA. Then AMBA, under our direction and oversight, will “shop” the aggregated data to carriers with the goal of creating an affordable plan that would be accessible to all members. By completing the survey, AMBA nor any other healthcare providers would contact you directly for the purpose of selling insurance.  Additionally, completing the survey in no way commits you to utilize the Association Healthcare Plan, should one be established after the feasibility stage.


  • How do I participate to make this happen?
    • Complete the quick 3-minute survey here!
    • Your information will be completely secure.


  • How is this plan a better option than individual coverage? Does the MSBA currently offer healthcare coverage?

The MSBA currently does not offer an Associated Healthcare Plan. We work with the Bar Association Insurance Trust to offer some insurance products, including standard group healthcare. Over the years, members have requested that the MSBA offer an Association based healthcare plan, which would provide more competitive rates. In response to this inquiry, the MSBA has been exploring the potential for such a plan and we are now in the feasibility study period. During this period we are collecting data from our members to be aggregated and presented in an RFP as part of our efforts to deliver broader benefits to our members.


Questions about the survey? Feel free to contact AMBA directly.

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