David Hjortsberg Award Nominations

The purpose of the Hjortsberg Award is to acknowledge, commend, and express our deep appreciation for a solo or small firm practitioner that exemplifies professionalism and civility, intelligence and legal knowledge, and a commitment to their community and the legal profession as a whole.

The 2019 Hjortsberg Award will be presented at the MSBA Legal Summit & Annual Meeting on Friday, June 14, 2019 at 1pm.

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  • Award Criteria

    Nominees for the Hjortsberg Award shall be a solo or small firm practitioner whom you believe is an intelligent and knowledgeable attorney that is both hardworking and tenacious, yet respectful to everyone involved in the legal process from clients to Judges and to courtroom clerks to opposing counsel. Nominees should also be committed to their local communities, local Bar Association, and the MSBA.

    David Hjortsberg Award winners exemplify the kind of attorney that other attorneys want to work with and emulate.