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It is essential for criminal attorneys to stay up-to-date with changes in both state and federal law to ensure they can provide comprehensive and educated counsel to their clients.  Lawyers informed about changes in the law are more effective advocates, as they can often use recent rulings and statutory updates to construct persuasive arguments, negotiate favorable plea deals, or challenge evidence and procedures in court. Further, attorneys have an ethical duty to offer their clients the best possible legal counsel. Falling behind on recent legal changes could result in inadequate representation, potentially leading to unfavorable outcomes, such as wrongful convictions or excessive sentences. Building a strong reputation within the legal community and among clients often hinges on being knowledgeable about the latest legal developments, as well. 

It can be challenging, though, for attorneys with busy practices to find the time to delve into recent changes to the legal landscape and what such changes could mean for their clients. Fortunately, they can learn more about changes in Maryland criminal case law and legislative updates during Recent Developments in Maryland & Federal Criminal Law, presented by  Nancy Forster, Esq., Forster & LeCompte at 9:00 on November 14th as part of the Criminal Law Update presented during the MSBA’s 2023 Legal Excellence Week. During the program, Ms. Forster will examine recent developments in Maryland’s criminal case law and legislative changes, along with updates in federal and Supreme Court case law.