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In a companion article, “Is Your Law Firm in the Metaverse, Yet?” the MSBA reported on the top 7 opportunities for lawyers in the metaverse. In this article, we will focus on law firms that have already tapped into this new frontier.

Let’s start with a few statistics to demonstrate why a law firm’s presence in the metaverse is relevant. According to Garner, there are 400 million active metaverse users every month, and by the year 2026, 25% of the global population will spend at least an hour a day in the metaverse for work, shopping, education, social reasons, or entertainment.  There are many advantages to owning a virtual office in the metaverse, including marketing and better engagement with co-workers and clients. There is also the possibility of having a virtual office and not incurring the costs of a brick-and-mortar space.

A few law firms have already taken the plunge and opened a virtual law firm in the metaverse. I have highlighted a few as examples for demonstration purposes.  

  • Zannes Law Firm. Madaline Zannes was one of the first lawyers to purchase a virtual office in the metaverse. She is a Toronto-based lawyer, who meets with her clients in her virtual office and even rents out some of her virtual office space. Smith, Job Title of the Future: metaverse lawyer, MIT Technology Review (June 28, 2023) Zannes was the creator behind the “Metaverse Bar Association“, which offers free membership for the first year to lawyers and law students. She created the bar association to provide a registry of verified licensed lawyers because she found some “bad actors” in the metaverse falsely portraying themselves as legal professionals. Id.      
  • Grungo Colarulo, LLC. This law firm’s claim to fame is being the first personal injury law firm in the metaverse.  They have offices in Pennsylvania and New Jersey and now the metaverse. Co-founder, Grungo, talked with the ABA in December 2021 about the potential for his law firm and all law firms in the metaverse. He believes the metaverse, like social media, will revolutionize the way clients interact with lawyers and law firms, and that is why his firm has “put their virtual flag in the ground…” Li, How Lawyers Can Unlock the Potential of the Metaverse, ABA podcast (October 19, 2022).               
  • ArentFox Schiff, LLP.  ArentFox Schiff’s bragging rights include being the first big law firm to build an office in the metaverse as well as locating it in the “Luxury Fashion District” of Decentraland. A tour of the firm’s metaverse office can be viewed in the below video:


ArentFox Schiff was named the Top Legal Firm for Metaverse Businesses in the 1st Annual American Metaverse Awards. The firm offers clients legal advice and strategy on the Metaverse, Web 3.0, brand protection, and acquisition of digital assets. They published an industry guide to the metaverse.

Legal Districts in the Metaverse

LawCity.Com bills itself as the developer of the first legal district in the metaverse with the building of its first towers in LawCity.com, Decentraland. LawCity.com (LawCity) was formed by Grungo. By joining LawCity, member firms are listed in the Web 3.0 Legal Search Directory in the metaverse and receive Web 3.0 education and CLE Credits. LawCity helps its members develop a virtual office in the metaverse and offer Web 3.0 education and CLE Credits. It intends to be the immersive 3D world for any avatar looking for legal guidance.  

Disclaimer: The MSBA does not endorse any of the law firms or services identified in this article. This article is for informational purposes only.