The MSBA Leadership Academy recently held its Opening Reception for the 2023-2024 Class of Fellows on August 16, 2023, at Gertrudes. Leadership Academy Committee Co-Chairs Emmanuel Fishelman and David Sidhu welcomed the 2023-2024 Fellows, as well as past Fellows, and Past MSBA Presidents Harry Johnson and Bob Gonzalez. 

The Opening Reception kicked off the year-long program offered by the Leadership Academy Committee aimed at enhancing lawyers’ leadership abilities, both within their own firms and organizations, as well as within the MSBA and the legal profession as a whole. 

Every year, 15 individuals are selected as Fellows from applications submitted to the MSBA. During their tenure, Fellows participate in MSBA events, work on a public service project, and attend monthly sessions covering topics like public speaking, media relations, interview skills, effective meeting management, and budgeting. They also build relationships with past Bar Presidents and current bar leaders to gain a deeper understanding of the MSBA and further develop their leadership skills. At the end of the year, two Fellows are invited to be members of the Leadership Academy Committee. 

You can learn more about the Leadership Academy and the 2023-2024 Fellows here