Many Maryland attorneys grapple with anxiety, and it often rears its head when they’re faced with tasks they’d rather avoid. Kate Sinclair, a Maryland lawyer, found that procrastination was a significant source of her anxiety. 

To combat this anxiety-inducing procrastination, Sinclair adopted a practical strategy: she aimed to tackle a little piece of the looming task each day. Sometimes, this meant simply making a to-do list to bring order to chaos. Other times, she’d tackle small, manageable parts of the task to get herself invested in the project. By breaking the task down into smaller steps, it became less daunting.

Procrastination isn’t unique to lawyers, but they often engage become hyper-focused on their current tasks, neglecting other essential matters. Moreover, research suggests a higher incidence of ADHD among lawyers, which can contribute to difficulties with focus and executive function. Procrastination can then spiral into missed deadlines and court appearances, potentially harming their professional reputation.

Lawyers often struggle to explain the unique stressors of their profession to mental health professionals, making it hard to find the right support. Sinclair found that the MSBA Lawyer Assistance Program tailors its advice to lawyers’ specific needs, recognizing that procrastination can lead to serious professional consequences.

You can hear more of Sinclair’s advice on lowering your anxiety by tackling procrastination here:


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