Maryland Attorney General Brian E. Frosh announced on June 11 the launch of a COVID-19 Access to Justice Task Force. Andre M. Davis, Former Senior Judge, Fourth Circuit of Maryland, and Reena K. Shah, Executive Director of the Maryland A2JC, join Mr. Frosh as vice-chairs of the group, which includes more than 40 public servants and individuals. In a virtual press conference, Mr. Frosh noted that “We’ve brought together some of the best, smartest people in our state from every sector—legal, housing, employment, business, nonprofit, education, government.” The task force plans to address the economic hardship caused by the business closures and the resulting conflicts that only the civil justice system can resolve, like missed rent payments leading to eviction notices; disputes over medical or consumer debt; or people being wrongfully denied public benefits necessary to keep their families afloat. “People without means are at a huge disadvantage when the bump into our legal system,” said Mr. Frosh. 

The MSBA has partnered with A2JC. In its partnership with the Attorney General, the A2JC is working at the highest levels to ensure access to justice for all Marylanders. The membership of the MSBA makes all of this important work possible. Read more about the task force at and

The Attorney General’s virtual press conference can be viewed on the MSBA’s YouTube channel.