In 2004, the idea of self-driving vehicles and computers you could keep in your pocket or wear on your wrist may have seemed like something out of The Jetsons. There has been exponential progress in technology, including in motor vehicles, and numerous changes to the laws governing automobiles in Maryland. 

The MSBA is pleased to announce the release of the fully updated Maryland Automobile Accident Deskbook, Third Edition, an indispensable treatise for anyone practicing this field of law: plaintiffs’ defendants, defense attorneys, insurance company counsel, small or solo practitioners, and more. Editors Debora Fajer-Smith and Jeffrey R. DeCaro assembled a panel of experts in the field to bring this treatise, last released in 2004, up-to-date. 

In her preface, Fajer-Smith notes that the book is a neutral resource guide for the bar and bench, a quick reference of the law set up by chapter topics. Replete with practice tips and ample citation to case law, the Third Edition touches on a comprehensive array of automobile vehicle law issues, including:

  • The responsibilities of owners and operators of automobiles, all types of auto accidents, and vehicular crimes
  • The latest on case law relating to the doctrine of contributory negligence 
  • Laws relating to insurance policies 
  • Substantial updates to Maryland laws on Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol and/or Drugs
  • The latest in case law on contributory negligence

The book also includes two new “bonus” chapters: 

  • Autonomous Vehicles: Development Progress and Lacking Liability Schemes; and
  • Social Media Considerations in Automobile Accident Litigation

The Maryland Automobile Accident Deskbook, Third Edition is available in soft cover or electronic versions. Order your copy today!