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The MSBA has been steadily modernizing all that it does to ensure we are both an association of today and an association positioned for the future. As part of these efforts we will be deploying a new platform, MSBA Connect, to replace the current Email Discussion Lists (more commonly referred to as the MSBA’s ListServs), a technology dating back decades and which is no longer supported.


Here are some of the new features available on MSBA Connect:

  • Ability to control the types and frequency of messages you receive via email from other attorneys;
  • Ability to share documents and attachments and more robust content in areas of specific interest to you;
  • Option to use the MSBA website or email to connect with other members;
  • Ability to flag other member comments as valuable or not appropriate/relevant to the topic area;
  • Enhanced searchability of topics to more easily find previous questions and responses posted.

The new MSBA Connect tool gives our members much more flexibility in connecting with each other. It works on any device, has a dedicated website forum, and continues to offer the same email functionality that exists with our current Email Discussion Lists. You’re sure to find even more improvements once you access Connect and get started (like the ability to post documents and attachments with your messages to your section!).

To ensure a smooth transition and learn from the new user experience, two sections (Young Lawyers and Consumer Bankruptcy) have been piloting MSBA Connect, and we will slowly onboard 2-3 Sections a month. Once all sections are onboarded, and members have had a chance to use the new technology and provide their feedback, the existing system will be phased out.