We launched the MSBA Connect platform to replace the prior ‘listserv’ platform, Lyris, because the Lyris platform is no longer supported by the developer. MSBA Connect offers multiple ways to engage, including an online forum as well as email capabilities similar to the aging Lyris platform.  During the rollout, we’ve received some feedback from members on the new MSBA Connect platform.   

Today, we are happy to announce “We’ve heard you!”, and that we’ve launched two new features in MSBA Connect to enhance your experience.

1. Sender’s Email Address Now Visible: Members have expressed an interest in seeing a sender’s email address so that you can send a direct reply rather than replying to the entire section.  Now the sender’s email will be displayed at the top of each Connect message.  To reply directly to the sender,  click on the individual’s email address to easily open a new email and send a response directly to the poster.    See image below.  Please note:  Clicking reply to the email will still send your response to all Section members. Just click “Reply” to the message and all section members will receive your message.

Email message heading

Message via online Connect portal

2. Support Messaging in Footer: The footer of MSBA Connect messages now provides helpful support tools. These include:

  • A “Visit Topic” link to view the entire discussion topic on the online Connect forum.
  • An opportunity to unsubscribe from messages.  You have the opportunity to quickly unsubscribe from a certain discussion topic, unsubscribe from the Section Connect community, or unsubscribe from all Connect messages.  (You can always adjust your notifications by visiting https://www.msba.org/connect/ and clicking on “Connect Preferences” in the dropdown menu from the box that says “Hi, (Your Name)” in the top right corner of the page.
  • Support information to contact the MSBA with any questions: info@msba.org

Email footer

We have added these features in response to your feedback to improve your experience as you stay connected with your communities. The MSBA will be adding more helpful features to MSBA Connect in the coming months and we’ll communicate those to you as well.

Please contact us at feedback@msba.org if you have any general comments about the platform.