MSBA is proud to be the home of Maryland’s legal profession. At the end of 2021, MSBA gave its members front row seats to “Witness History” by interviewing candidates for the upcoming gubernatorial election. In March 2022, the women and men seeking election as Maryland’s next Attorney General sat down for nonpartisan interviews with MSBA President Natalie McSherry and former State Senator Bobby Zirkin at MSBA headquarters, to discuss their plans for moving the state forward if elected to office. Next up, MSBA will host a series of in-person gubernatorial debates on May 31 and June 1, 2022, at the Legal Summit in Ocean City, Maryland. The debates will be live-streamed on the MSBA Connect with Candidates webpage.

On the first day of Attorney General candidate interviews, Democratic candidate U.S. Representative Anthony Brown and Republican candidate James Shalleck joined President McSherry and former State Senator Zirkin; on the second day, Republican candidate Michael Peroutka and Democratic candidate Hon. Katie O’Malley stopped by. Some highlights of their interviews appear below.


*The MSBA hosted nonpartisan interviews. The MSBA is apolitical and thus does not seek to support any particular candidate but rather raise awareness of the important perspectives every candidate brings in their quest to become Attorney General of our great state.