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From now through June 30, 2020, the MSBA is offering free access to 150+ CLE and non-CLE on-demand webinars to all 40,000 Maryland attorneys.

On the heels of a successful effort in Annapolis to prevent proposed legislation that would tax legal services, and adversely impact every practitioner licensed in this state and law firms of every size, from solos to the largest Maryland firms, the MSBA has shifted its focus to provide a wealth of resources related to COVID-19 to every attorney in Maryland. These resources are available to all 40,000 Maryland attorneys, including thousands of firms, legal services non-profits, governmental entities, and businesses with in-house counsel.

The upcoming Maryland Bar Journal will be released digitally and made available to all legal professionals. We have also made our COVID-19 webpage available to all during these unprecedented times. On this resource page, legal professionals can find articles on remote work, information on the latest orders from the Maryland Judiciary, Governor and other entities, including interpretive guidance, a host of free webinars on legal issues arising from COVID-19, and resources on how firms can access various small business benefits. In addition, the MSBA is offering complimentary health and wellness tools as part of the ongoing expansion of the Lawyers’ Assistance Program.

Now, as we seek to support every attorney at every organization in the State, the MSBA is offering even more, by providing complimentary access to its entire on-demand CLE catalog to all legal professionals. The MSBA CLE Catalog is available at: Please enter the following coupon code at checkout: FREECLEMSBA.*

* On-Demand CLE must be purchased and viewed before June 30, 2020.

Although we’re making all of these resources available to every legal professional, we do need you…

The MSBA is able to fight for and support the entirety of the legal profession from solos to large firms, from public interest to in-house counsel because of the dedication of its members.

Your membership makes so much good possible. Here’s just a short list of examples of what choosing to be member allow us to do:

  • Advocate on behalf of the profession in Annapolis, monitoring and engaging on hundreds of bills each year;
  • Partner with the Maryland Judiciary; most recently our 150+ questions on COVID related orders have helped to clarify orders, provide guidance to support the judiciary’s efforts and have led to new Administrative Orders helping our profession and the public during these trying times;
  • Provide confidential mental health and substance abuse services to hundreds of attorneys in need. Colleagues you will never know have been helped by this service;
  • Help thousands to benefit from access to justice efforts and pro bono initiatives;
  • Establish leadership development for underrepresented segments in our profession;
  • Deliver tools and resources free as part of membership;
  • Offer cutting-edge CLE with top notch presenters at costs lower than for-profit providers.

All because attorneys chose to be members…

We hope you’ll take advantage of the many resources we’re making available. We also invite you to join us in this fight and help us continue our support for the legal profession. We need every attorney in the state to belong to the MSBA in order for us to continue our nearly 125 year history of fighting and advocating for the profession. But now, more than ever, as the only statewide organization representing the entire profession, we need to be in this together.

Because of the tens of thousands that belong to the MSBA, we are the home of the legal profession. All 40,000 joining together would make us even stronger and more capable. Together…we can be the new…. MSBA.