The Maryland State Bar Association is deeply saddened by recent events, starting in Minneapolis, that underscore the continuing struggle facing our country to allow all people to have faith that our system of justice will be fairly and equitably applied. In addition, it is equally critical that law enforcement officials, as perhaps the most visible segment of our system of justice to our people, do their jobs with integrity and fairness to people of color and all others.

The Maryland State Bar Association supports the right of individuals to gather for peaceful protest and to be heard. Those protests are a cry for systematic changes consistent with the mission we hold dear-to eliminate racism, eliminate inequality, and secure fairness in the enforcement of the law.

While the overwhelming majority of law enforcement officers, prosecutors, and judges do their jobs adhering to the highest ethical standards, more work needs to be done to assure that the overwhelming majority becomes “all”.

Lawyers have a long history as agents of change in championing reforms that can bring about advancements to protect the rights of people from inequity and prejudice. The MSBA continues to pledge to support, educate, and remain involved in efforts to rebuild public trust and to institute meaningful reforms.