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The Maryland State Bar Association’s (MSBA) Lawyer Assistance Program (LAP) is partnering with ScreenNOW to provide you with a first-of-its-kind opportunity to access dozens of standardized mental health screenings. It’s safe, private, and free.  

ScreenNOW, a fast, online mental health assessment, is available exclusively to MSBA members. Did you know that 80% of legal professionals are reluctant to seek help for fear of being discovered by peers or stigmatized? Make a change. Choose to prioritize and honor your health and wellness today and privately take part in an assessment that screens individuals for a variety of mental health conditions, work-life stressors, and more.

  • Are you anxious or having trouble sleeping?
  • Are you unable to relax without alcohol or drugs?
  • Do you have problems completing your work?
  • Do you have suicidal thoughts?
  • Have you lost interest in things you used to enjoy?
  • Are you experiencing emotional numbness?

It’s critical to recognize the signs of mental health, addiction disorders and other personal challenges early and seek help when needed. If you or someone you know is experiencing distress, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Lawyer Assistance Program, mental health professionals, or crisis hotlines. Prioritizing your health and happiness is a crucial step toward maintaining a fulfilling and sustainable legal career.

MSBA Lawyer Assistance Program + ScreenNow empowers members with total anonymity, zero stigma & maximum clarity. Take the assessment, we’re here to help. 

Contact the Lawyer Assistance Program for free, confidential assistance (888) 388-5459