Today (3/31) the Judiciary issued a new Administrative Order Rescheduling April Arguments and Postponing May Arguments (2020.03.31).

  • Oral arguments scheduled for April 31, May 1, and May 3 are postponed until further notice of the Court.
  • Cases previously scheduled for oral argument on April 2 and April 3 that were previously postponed by the March 17 Administrative Order are rescheduled for May 12 and May 13, respectively.
  • The Court is considering holding oral argument by electronic means and will advise parties at least 10 days in advance regarding format and other participation procedures.
  • The Court will entertain requests pursuant to Maryland Rule 8-523(a)(2) by parties involved in cases that have either been postponed or rescheduled by
    this Order to submit those appeals for consideration on brief.