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This morning, Governor Hogan issued an Executive Order including a Stay-at-Home Provision, effective at 8:00 p.m. tonight (March 30, 2020). Only essential employees and those with an emergency are exempted. The Governor has not changed the list of essential businesses through this order.

View the Executive Order here: Executive Order (2020.03.30)

View Interpretive Guidance on the Order here:

OLC Interpretive Guidance COVID19-07 (2020.03.30)

OLC Interpretive Guidance COVID19-08 (2020.03.30)

Note that paragraph 8 of the second Guidance (COVID19-08) verifies that OLC Interpretive Guidance COVID19-04 (2020.03.23) remains in effect. This prior guidance states that law firms may remain open as they are deemed essential as “Government Facilities Sector.”