On the heels of our successful efforts to address taxation of legal services, the MSBA is now hard at work providing information regarding court closures, modified policies, and much more around the practice of law as we seek to inform and support practitioners during these turbulent times. Below are important updates and resources for your practice which link to our dedicated COVID-19 page that contains a comprehensive listing of orders known to us as being currently in effect. There is also information related to health and wellness tools and services available to you as members.

New Orders: Foreclosures and Evictions, Land Records

Yesterday, the Court issued a new Administrative Order on Suspension of Foreclosures and Evictions, superseding all local orders, staying all pending foreclosures and residential evictions until further notice.

The Court also issued an Administrative Order as to Land Records, providing that clerks of court shall process all properly filed instruments required to be recorded in the land records (electronically in jurisdictions with that capability).

MSBA Communications with Judiciary on Behalf of Our Members

At their request, MSBA communicated with the Judiciary earlier this week with several of your questions and concerns and we will do so again today. Know that we are dedicated to supporting the profession and continue to reach out to us at feedback@msba.org.

We continue to interact directly with the Judiciary and are preparing to provide them with another round of questions/clarifications so they can provide more guidance. We will post all responses once received. We thank the many attorneys that post comments, questions and reassuring sentiments in our MSBA online forums. Thank you to all who engaged, who have monitored, who have helped to make our digital connections and community possible.

More on MSBA’s COVID-19 Page

Please visit the COVID-19 page for the latest resources to help you deal with the impact, plan ahead, focus on your well-being, and engage in learning and your well-being. Please bookmark and visit often. Our page includes several resources that are updated frequently, including:

MSBA Provides Statewide Confidential & No Cost Assistance to Members

These very stressful times can increase mental health and substance abuse issues.

The MSBA’s Lawyer Assistance Program is available to all lawyers in Maryland and is committed to providing free, confidential assistance to lawyers, judges, and law school students for a variety of concerns by offering assessment, referral, short-term counseling, and continued support to ensure long term success. Contact us confidentially at our toll-free line: 1-888-388-5459.

The Lawyer Assistance Program offers a network of counselors across the state. Early intervention is the key to resolving these concerns. The Lawyer Assistance Program offers financial assistance for Mental Health and Substance Abuse treatment. Your membership allows these programs to thrive, and we encourage you to take advantage of these resources, also available remotely, to support your well-being.