MSBA Passport Terms & Conditions

Effective May 19, 2023

  1. The MSBA Passport is valid for twelve (12) months from the date of purchase. All sales are final and there are no full or partial refunds.
  2. MSBA Passport is valid for one (1) year of membership in the MSBA and up to two (2) Sections selected at time of purchase.
  3. You may select up to two (2) desired Sections at the time of MSBA Passport purchase or renewal.  Section selections cannot be changed during the Passport term.  Additional Sections are available for purchase, and are priced according to the prevailing Section Dues cost.
  4. The MSBA Passport must be purchased online and will be automatically renewed at the expiration of the term unless canceled by you.
  5. You will receive a standing renewal notice for your MSBA Passport when you log in to your MSBA member account and via email at least three (3) days before it auto renews.
  6. Ownership of the MSBA Passport is not transferable. Only the MSBA Passport owner may use the MSBA Passport to access its benefits.
  7. MSBA Passport owners may not share, display, forward, sell, reproduce, or distribute by any means, any MSBA content or link(s) to MSBA content, that is accessed with the MSBA Passport.
  8. The MSBA Passport may be used by the owner to access only one (1) Legal Summit and Annual Meeting, one (1) Solo Summit, one (1) Legal Excellence Week, and only one (1) of any similarly occurring annual events per annual MSBA Passport purchase.
  9. MSBA Passport owners must register for all events including continuing legal education (CLE) programs to gain access to in-person meetings and online content. Showing up to an event unregistered will subject the MSBA Passport owner to a fee.
  10. The following Premium CLE programs are excluded from use of the MSBA Passport: 40 hour mediation training, 20 hour mediation training, Advanced Tax Institute, Deposition Practice and Procedure, Maryland Trial Advocacy Institute, MSBA Professional Excursion(s), The Essentials of Maryland Estate and Trust Practice, Destination CLE events, and invitation only events, such as the Conference of Bar Presidents.
  11. Members who choose standard membership have 90 days from their stated renewal date to upgrade to the MSBA Passport and receive credit for their membership dues already paid.  The Passport shall be valid for any time remaining before the next stated renewal date.
  12. A member seeking to upgrade to the MSBA Passport from a standard membership more than 90-days after the stated renewal date, will be required to pay the full price of the MSBA Passport.  The MSBA Passport will be valid for a full 12 months from the date of purchase, and the member’s new stated renewal date will align with the MSBA Passport expiration date.
  13. Questions related to the MSBA Passport should be emailed to