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2020 Replacement Pages to Maryland Civil Pattern Jury Instructions, Fifth Edition, with Downloadable Instructions (Hardcopy)


The Fifth Edition, prepared by the MSBA Standing Civil Subcommittee on Maryland Pattern Jury Instructions, is Maryland’s most authoritative source of impartial, accurate statements of the law in language understandable and familiar to jurors.

Maryland State Bar Association Standing Committee on Pattern Jury Instructions

Kelly Hughes Iverson, Chair and the Honorable Kevin F. Arthur, Vice-Chair, Civil Subcommittee
Honorable Paul E. Alpert, Stephan Y. Brennan, Neil E. Duke, Gardner M. Duvall, Honorable Robert A. Greenberg, Richard P. Neuworth, Honorable W. Michel Pierson, George S. Tolley, III, and Phillip R. Zuber

Professor Jessica L. Wherry, Reporter
Be prepared and provide the best representation for your client by having the most up-to-date version of Maryland Civil Pattern Jury Instructions. Don’t go before the Judge with outdated jury instructions that have since been revised or, worse yet, no longer exist!

The Fifth Edition with the NEW 2020 Replacement Pages replace ALL Pages in the Fifth Edition—Maryland’s most authoritative source of impartial, accurate statements of the law using easy-to-understand language. The 2020 update brings this valuable work up to the minute with a new general COVID-19 instruction (MPJI-1:1), three new Employment-related instructions on Harassment–Tangible Employment Action (MPJI-22:10), Harassment–No Tangible Employment Action (MPJI-22:11), and Retaliation (MPJI-22:12), updated and expanded commentary, new case law, and statutory references.

The book pairs jury instructions with Comments and Notes on Use that provide comprehensive references to relevant case law, making it an essential reference for Maryland lawyers and judges.

The front of the book contains a valuable Instructions Table to assist you in determining instructions that are new, have been deleted, or renumbered. Additionally, you’ll find all of the jury instructions in one section (The Instructions Chapter) listed by chapter for convenient quick access!

Your purchase of Maryland Civil Pattern Jury Instructions, Fifth Edition w/2020 Replacement also includes a link to conveniently download all of the jury instructions in electronic format, provided to save busy practitioners hours of time!

Summary of Contents:

Chapter 1: General Instructions
Chapter 2: Adverse Possession
Chapter 3: Agency
Chapter 4: Animals
Chapter 5: Antitrust
Chapter 6: Bailment
Chapter 7: Business Torts
Chapter 8: Common Carriers
Chapter 9: Contracts
Chapter 10: Damages—Generally
Chapter 11: Deceit
Chapter 12: Defamation
Chapter 13: Eminent Domain
Chapter 14: Insurance
Chapter 15: Intentional Interference with the Person
Chapter 16: Intentional Interference with Property
Chapter 17: Misuse of Legal Procedure
Chapter 18: Motor Vehicles
Chapter 19: Negligence—General Concepts
Chapter 20: Nuisance
Chapter 21: Parent-Child Relations
Chapter 22: Employment
Chapter 23: Pedestrians
Chapter 24: Premises Liability
Chapter 25: Privacy
Chapter 26: Products Liability
Chapter 27: Professional Liability
Chapter 28: Maryland Constitutional Torts
Chapter 29: Will Contests
Chapter 30: Workers’ Compensation

This publication is available in electronic form. To purchase it in electronic form please click here Maryland Civil Pattern Jury Instructions, Fifth Edition with 2020 Replacement Pages, with Downloadable Instructions (Electronic Publication)

Format: Replacement pages
Pub date: 2020
Total Pages: 1304

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2020 Replacement Pages to Maryland Civil Pattern Jury Instructions, Fifth Edition, with Downloadable Instructions (Hardcopy)