29 Tech Tips for Practicing Law from Home


What tech tips have lawyers learned working from home that would make your remote office experience easier? Find out from MLMs top legal tech expert the top tools, tips, advice, and services attorneys are using to improve their work-from-home experience practicing law. So many lawyers have mastered working from home, so it’s time to share with others the best tech advice for the remote lawyer. For over 20 years Todd C. Scott MLM’s VP of Risk Management has helped lawyers and law firms select an implement software tools and systems appropriate for their law practice. In this webcast he will demonstrate for you:

*Top tech tools attorneys are using for the work-from-home experience.
*Essential apps, and demos for lawyers to be effective on-the-go.
*Secure tips for e-documents, e-signatures, and e-filing.
*Hack-proofing all your tech tools and mobile devices.
*Finally paperless: MS OneNote and other tools you own to get rid of folders once-and for all.
*Understanding the differences between Zoom, Teams, Google Hangouts, and other communication tools.
* All of your technology questions answered.

Program Presenters:
Todd C. Scott
Kiernan Waters

This is informational only and no CLE credit will be offered for the surrounding MCLE states.

Todd Scott Kiernan Waters
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29 Tech Tips for Practicing Law from Home