Best Interest Attorney Training (Day 1)


Maryland Guidelines for Practice for Court-Appointed Lawyers representing Children in Cases Involving Child Custody or Child Access
Wendy Meadows, Esq.
Laurie M. Wasserman Esq.

  1. The Guidelines
  2. Child’s Best Interest Attorney
    1. Qualifications
    2. Order of Appointment
    3. Duties
    4. Ex parte Communication with Court
    5. Reporting
  3. BIA litigates rather than reports
    1. Considered judgment
    2. Liability
      1. Intent of Rules/Guidelines
      2. Legacy of Fox v. Wills

Your Job

  1. Roles & Responsibilities:
    1. Best Interest Attorney (BIA)
    2. Child Advocate
    3. Child’s Privilege Attorney
  2. Collecting Information
  3. Attorney – Child Client Relationship
  4. Role in Litigation
    1. Factors
  5. Representing Multiple Children
  6. Getting paid

Child Development
Maureen Vernon, Ph.D.

  1. Development and Cognitive Needs and Abilities
    1. Developmental stages
  2. Mental & Emotional Development
    1. Attachment
  3. Context for Healthy Development
    1. Stability
  4. Communicating with The Child Client In a Developmentally Appropriate Manner
    1. Age Appropriate schedules
  5. Interview Techniques

Issues Impacting the Child and The Family
Maureen Vernon, Ph.D.

  1. Child Abuse & Neglect
  2. Substance Abuse
  3. Impact of Domestic Violence

This training complies with Child Counsel and Custody Rules and Guidelines, Maryland Rule 9-205.1.

3 hours of credit will be offered for the surrounding MCLE states.

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Wendy Meadows Laurie Wasserman Maureen Vernon
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Best Interest Attorney Training (Day 1)