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Civil Practice & Procedure in the District Court of Maryland 2019 Revised Edition (Hardcopy)


2019 Revised Edition —Civil Practice & Procedure in the District Court of Maryland 
This is an essential reference to civil practice and procedure in the District Court of Maryland beginning with filing a complaint through appeals. This updated version, prepared with input from and review by staff and judges of the District Court of Maryland, provides the “nuts and bolts” for handling a civil case in the District Court of Maryland. The 2019 edition updates the 2010 edition, identifies new and amended rules and statutes, and summarizes holdings of recent, pertinent cases. It provides tips to practice areas, including those with significant changes in the last several years, including Landlord-Tenant, Small Claims, and Domestic Violence Protective Orders. This manual provides the practitioner insight into the practical aspects of District Court practice.

The Contents consist of the following
Chapter 1:  History and Operation
Chapter 2:  Jurisdiction and Venue
Chapter 3:  Complaint
Chapter 4:  Defendant’s Response to Complaint
Chapter 5:  Other Pleadings, Filings, and Motions
Chapter 6:  Discovery
Chapter 7:  Dismissals
Chapter 8:  Trial
Chapter 9:  Judgments and Enforcement
Chapter 10:  Special Proceedings
Chapter 11:  Appeals from District Court
Chapter 12: Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

In addition, the book includes a series of Appendices, that are references guides, including the following:

District Court Directory
District Court Administrative Regulations
District Court Fee Schedule
List of District Court Forms

This publication is available in electronic form. To purchase it in electronic form please click here Civil Practice & Procedure in the District Court of Maryland 2019 Revised Edition (Electronic Publication)

Format: Hardcopy
Pub. Date: 2019
Pages: 196

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