Domestic Violence Cases: Handling them Effectively in Maryland District and Circuit Courts (Electronic Publication)


The House of Ruth Maryland Domestic Violence Legal Clinic & The Maryland State Bar Association Family and Juvenile Law Section

Contributors: Brandy R. Cannon, Marjorie G. DiLima, Luann Edwards, Jonathan S. Greene, Deena Hausner, Alexandra G. Iannolo, Cynthia Lifson, Nicolas Orechwa, Mary Pezzulla, Samantha P. Rodier, Mary Roby Sanders, Shavonne C. B. Straughn,  Lauren Taylor, Susan H. Terlep, Christina Uliano, Judith A. Wolfer

The NEW 2017 Edition is the first major update since the 2003 Revised Edition, and is designed to give the practitioner specific litigation skills and strategies in handling a domestic violence case. In addition to many significant revisions to the text and an updated table of authorities and cases with, the NEW 2017 Edition includes:

  • Chapter 4: New and expanded sections on Protective Orders & Address Confidentiality Program;
  • Chapter 5: Completely re-written chapter on Process for Court’s Granting Protective Orders under the Domestic Violence Act;
  • Chapter 6: A new, separate chapter entitled Peace Order Statute, that includes new sections on appeals, penalties for failure to comply, and shielding under the Peace Order Statute;
  • Chapter 7: Divorce Grounds and Remedies includes new sections on mutual consent as a ground for absolute divorce, absolute divorce remedies, and interlocutory or permanent restraining orders; and much more.
  • Chapter 14: New and updated sample pleadings and forms;
  • Chapter 15: New and updated resources with contact information.

Summary of Contents:
Chapter 1:      The Dynamics of Domestic Violence
Chapter 2:      Interviewing the Domestic Violence Victim
Chapter 3:      Advocating within the Criminal Justice System
Chapter 4:      Remedies and Strategies
Chapter 5:      Protection from Domestic Violence Act
Chapter 6:      Peace Order Statute
Chapter 7:      Divorce Grounds and Remedies
Chapter 8:      Alimony
Chapter 9:      Custody and Visitation
Chapter 10:    Child Support
Chapter 11:    Possession and Use Awards
Chapter 12:    Marital Property
Chapter 13:    Domestic Violence Issues in Immigration Law
Chapter 14:    Sample Pleadings and Forms 221
Chapter 15:    Resources
Chapter 16:    Battered Spouse Syndrome
Chapter 17:    Appendix

Format: Digital
Pub date: 2017
Pages:   267

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Domestic Violence Cases: Handling them Effectively in Maryland District and Circuit Courts (Electronic Publication)