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Maryland Judiciary’s Equal Justice Committee – Listening Session: Civil Procedure


On June 9, 2020, Chief Judge Barbera issued a Statement on Equal Justice and the Judicial Council’s Committee on Equal Justice was formed. The purpose of the Committee on Equal Justice is to build upon the knowledge and proficiencies of judges and Judiciary personnel to strengthen the Judiciary’s commitment to equal justice under law for all. Its scope is to ensure the increased knowledge and understanding of judges and Judiciary personnel regarding ethnic disparities, discrimination and systemic racism, including implicit bias (both conscious and unconscious), micro-inequities, and micro-aggressions. The committee will make recommendations on strategies to educate and dismantle any discriminatory behaviors toward others in all aspects of the Judiciary’s functions. The committee will suggest areas of improvement, resources, support services, educational opportunities, and develop training curriculum for ongoing Judiciary-wide engagement in the pursuit of equal, fair, and impartial justice for all.

The Maryland Judiciary’s Equal Justice Committee, Rules Review Subcommittee, will hold several open public input meetings virtually, using the platform Zoom. The purpose of these meetings is to identify Maryland Rules of Practice and Procedure that, in language or application, raise equal justice concerns or that affect people and communities of color or members of disadvantaged communities differently or disproportionately. These meetings will be recorded listening sessions. During these meetings, members of the public will be able to explain their observations of discriminatory or implicit bias that they have recognized or observed in relation to Maryland Rules of Practice and Procedure and circumstances that raise or contribute to these concerns, any supporting examples and data, and proposals for appropriate revisions to the Maryland Rules.

This meeting will be devoted to rules of Civil Procedure 



*Please email to ensure that you receive the Zoom link prior to the meeting time. If you have a comment related to a particular topic, you may e-mail it to no later than 48 hours prior to the beginning of the meeting. Your comment will be distributed to the members of the Subcommittee prior to the meeting.

Event Information
Jun 16, 2021
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm EST

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Maryland Judiciary’s Equal Justice Committee – Listening Session: Civil Procedure